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When I started playing online poker, I had no idea what an online poker analyzer is, or even if it exists. I tried to learn the hands of poker and bet when I thought I had a winning combination or that I expected good hands. Little by little, I realized that relying solely on my instincts would not make me a poker winner, just like knowing by heart that making a color or a ladder is not enough to make money. I also needed to know the rankings of poker hands, and then an even more important aspect.

An analysis of online poker is shown in the image

It turned out that, from the beginning, you evaluate your opponents in poker with one of the most important skills I have, and that has roots in mathematics. I discovered that every hand in poker, such as a ladder or a ladder, has a calculated probability already in the statistical tables of poker, which shows what possibilities your initial hand has in poker and what possibilities to get a straight or four in a case , as well. The essence of online poker analysis, and most professional players already know it by heart, but since I was a beginner, I had a misunderstanding, and that’s why I lost in poker.

judi poker

How does the online poker analyzer work?

Now I tried to print these poker statistics tables and place them next to my monitor, but it was an inconvenience to try to match my current hand with the one shown on this page. Later, I realized that there is poker software that can do this for you. Big sites like judi poker allow these programs to access your poker hands in real time and show you the chance to win with your hands! At first it seemed an unfair advantage, and I felt betrayed because, of course, all the supposed invisible Internet professionals use that software when they play, which makes me lose my money. But the more I thought about it, I realized that the big poker rooms do not ban the online poker analyzer for some reason, it just calculates the statistics for you, but instead it does not bet or act, since that would be illegal . In the end, any player could do it on a piece of paper. This is a more convenient feature.

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