Wooden Home in Famous Ski Resort


All of us understand that French is famous to its reputation as romantic city. But, additionally it is famous to the French Alps using its highest point, Mont Blanc. If you need to benefit from the winter holidays while skiing with the family or lover, Le Petit Chateau is a great space to remain. Located in Chourcevel, a preferred ski resort in French Alps, this wooden retreat provides you with not just the comfort but additionally the warmth too care your body and heart protected coming from the cold wind.

Stepping inside this beautiful wooden retreat, you may be welcomed warmly using the cozy nuance exposed coming from the rustic wooden interior. And if you‘re taking a look at this gorgeous living room, you‘ll see how this holiday retreat is designed carefully in an effort to result in the comfort like the first priority. You are able to see how the large comfortable seating within this large and spacious room will comfort you and also your big family during holidays.


The spacious living area is designed being an open space that shares the recreational space such like the dining room. Large transparent glass windows are equipped to the space together with the spacious terraces on every floor of the two-leveled building. This will allow benefit from the undisrupted scenery view from the beautiful snowy landscape outdoors. Yet, the massive windows allow the space indoors to feel a little warmer throughout the day also.


What‘s really cool relating to this beautiful cozy wooden retreat is when this building, and that is located in mountain with snow that seems adore it won’t stop falling, is designed with the cool indoor swimming pool. The massive and spacious indoor pool space also includes the whirlpool that could make You are feeling more relaxed too, if you‘re bored from the cold and white view outdoors. Coming from the pool space, you may also begin to see the mini gym that could enable you to stay healthy too. Well, ladies, the mini gym can help you burning the calories if regardless the cold weather makes you would like to keep eating. So, it‘s a win-win, isn’t it?

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