Wondrous Swimming Pool Areas which Also Function as Relaxing Bedroom

People often place loungers or chairs on the edge of their swimming pools. For a private swimming pool, however, I think bed is a must furniture piece to be incorporated. Then, you can also use it as a bedroom. After swimming, you must know that there’s no more relaxing activity than lying down or sleeping on a large bed. If there is a wife or husband beside you, you can even have romantic experience there.
chich swimming pool bedroom in beside garden as well low profile bed ideas

You can find this beautiful and luxurious private swimming pool in a resort home located away from cities. Surrounding the structure is just heavenly nature. The pool itself is lovely, decorated with cream stone tiles. No wall built in front of one side of the pool, so the owner can see wondrous lake and hills while swimming. After swimming, he or she can choose to lie down or sleep on a large canopy bed. White sheer curtains will protect the person from mosquitoes without blocking the coming of fresh air.

charming swimming pool bedroom design with glass wall view inside as well white bedding sets ideas
Next, there’s a very sophisticated modern indoor swimming pool. The pool actually just has ordinary rectangular design. However, expensive dark blue tiles adorning the nearby walls evoke bold elegance. They even fuse with incredible small light fixtures. The space owner must be a true lover of modern style. Set on the pool’s edge are modern white beds featuring stainless steel frame. The pieces offer great comfort and sophistication at the same time.

cozy swimming pool bedroom ideas with metal bedframe plus white canopy bed and curtain sets plus white curtain window
Don’t think that bed can only be included in an indoor pool or semi-outdoor pool. The third picture obviously presents an outdoor pool with bed.

The bed comes as a cream mattress put on a dark wooden pergola with roof. Thus, a person who sleeps there will be protected from sunlight and rain. In front of the pergola is a mesmerizing pool with clear blue water. Green trees beautify the outdoor swimming pool. Perfect!

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