Wonderful Hothouse

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The house that popular nowadays is that the house that offers some privacy inside the house. The busy individuals are known to possess calm and quiet atmospheres on the house, so they‘re tend to purchase a modern and privacy house. The hothouse in Iporanga, San Paulo, Brazil, offers the quiet atmosphere inside the different way.

Begin to see the pictures on there ! The house seems as a Tarzan’s house in which picture since it is surrounded by big trees. That‘s true about surrounded by big trees, however this house is to the human generally. This house is really a two level house using the living area to begin with level as the bed rooms along with other privacy areas inside the second level. And also the first level is connected with the surface by big terrace in front from the house.

Inside the living place we‘ll find modern furniture with contemporary design. This house is using gray and white colors like the main color and adding a green Tosca color inside the ceiling. You may also find wood elements like the dining table. During this level, they didn’t out a lot of decorations to really make it simple. The transparent windows are everywhere, so that you could enjoy beautiful scenery every time you sit, eat, and before sleep. There Is Privacy In The Hothouse

You may think which you can’t find privacy since this house’s walls are from glasses. But that’s not true. They designed the next floor with curtains above the walls. So if you need to possess some privacy When you‘re sleep, just lower the curtains. And if you need to relax and relish the scenery, you are able to enhance the curtains. Then you‘ll both open-living house and quiet life inside the hothouse.

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