Wonderful Eco Green Modern Hotel Design Make Your FreshUp!

Like the environmental issues are risen up recently, it is not surprising to discover how the home designers and architects are getting more creative in mixing the style with eco-friendly feature. It isn‘t only requested home. Yet, you may also see some cool and fantastic modern hotel designs that embrace the gorgeous and refreshing greenery being an integral section of the design, both interior and exterior.

Gorgeous Ecor Green Modern Hotel Design with Natural Pool on Mountain

Today, we will require you to discover this dazzling hotel named as PARKROYAL on Pickering. Located in Singapore, this modern hotel design showcases the abundance of sustainable element equipping every part inside the building. What defines PARKROYAL special is when the designer, WOHA Architects, successfully created the exquisite life experience that mixed in the stylish and modern interior design with eco-green element. You are able to already begin to see the wonderful mixture of PARKROYAL design using this exterior design, as seen coming from the pedestrian walkway.

Walking inside PARKROYAL, you may be stunned and left inside an unfinished awestruck to its interior design. Just check out how dazzling and shimmering the interior design to its lobby. The shiny metal accenting the ceiling space definitely brings in fashion and elegant appearance. Mixing varying texture, this extravagant hotel lobby successfully creates a perfect impression whenever you walk inside this hotel. Silver at one side, gold for other ; this really is what it is that we call as lavish and majestic.

Don’t worry. PARKROYAL won‘t stop surprising you whenever you explore this modern hotel design idea thoroughly. Yet, the foremost fantastic concept of this lavish hotel is that the vertical green garden, in which the lush and fresh greenery could be seen easily through every window. As all of us know, Singapore doesn‘t provide much and enormous lot for every building, which causes the popularity of tall buildings seen in each and every street. But, it doesn‘t mean it would eliminate the prospect of making this small country becomes even greener. This creative design idea definitely will be a great inspiration for several modern buildings in recent time.

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