Wonderful and Relaxing Bathrooms Embrace Nature with All of Its Goodness

If you want to get more refreshing bathing experience, then you should involve nature in your bathroom. Nature doesn’t offer anything, except goodness. Therefore, incorporating natural elements into your bathroom won’t make you go wrong. What you finally get are beauty, comfort and serenity. Then, bathing can be a very enjoyable activity there.
interesting nature bathroom design with plants corner beside bathtub also shades window plus floating vanity sink

You may be wondering about how to include nature in a bathroom. Well, it’s not a difficult task and the bathroom designs displayed can be your main inspirations. The first bathroom is small, but boasting marvelous cream stone tiles on its walls. Although the tiles have gone through manufacturing process, it still presents beautiful natural textures and tones. They evoke coziness into the small space. Meanwhile, the bathroom vanity features granite top supported by wooden base. A vase of green and white flowers even adorns the surface.

chich bathroom design with frame on the wall decor also flower beside bathtub and simple wall shelf

The second bathroom is much more special because it allows you to enjoy natural beauty outside. The space has glass walls displaying beautiful view of a green private garden. They also serve to let in natural light. Focusing on the interior, there’s a stunning additional wall built from stone bricks.

unique nature bathroom design with wooden bathtub plus solid concerete wall including white curtain and wooden floor

You can find it behind a white bathtub. Wooden floor further confirms that the room embraces nature optimally. There are also a few small natural plants there. Chandelier hanging on the ceiling functions to give a dash touch of luxury.

Next, you can see an example of outdoor bathroom. Although the space is enclosed by gray walls, but it doesn’t have ceiling or roof at all. Thus, natural light and fresh air can come maximally. It allows the bathroom owner to get almost the same experience as bathing in an open nature. There are even many green plants adorning the space. A white bathtub installed against a wall is ready to pamper the owner in extraordinary comfort. Wonderful!

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