The Best Before and After Exterior Renovations of Traditional Homes

A traditional house is asset with very high value. Fortunate are those who inherit traditional houses from their parents or grandparents! The buildings, however, often have uninteresting look due to old age. Renovation needs to be done for making them appear attractive, especially in the eyes of modern people. The following pictures show the examples of traditional houses exterior which have been nicely renovated.

cozy home renovatios with nice view garden in backyard as well wall lamps exterior ideas

Featuring gray exterior walls, this ranch house looks gloomy and ugly. Tall green trees surrounding it contribute in creating the negative impression because they block the coming of sunlight. The homeowner finally decided to repaint the exterior walls in darker gray. Although the new gray paint color is darker, but it has interesting contemporary look that doesn’t deliver gloominess. Most leaves of trees around the house have been shed, so that sunlight can come easily. The gray ranch house now appears more brighter, colorful flowers even grow in the front yard.

adorable home renovation with two storey including bright lighting ideas also garden in front yard

Many people are interested to visit this traditional stone walls house. The situation is very different from a few years ago when the structure hasn’t been renovated. The house previously doesn’t appear attractive or inviting at all. Contemporary lights now have been installed on the exterior parts. They give life and inviting feel for the house. A beautiful front yard with green grasses and large concrete pavers welcome all visitors or guests kindly.

Before renovated, this traditional house has no something special to impress people. However, take a look at the house now. Gray paint color applied on the exterior walls evokes elegant nuance. A porch canopy with captivating pillars and triangular roof has even been built to improve the exterior look significantly. The porch also serves as relaxing area for the homeowners to enjoy the renewed green front yard. If you have a traditional house, you may need to renovate it to make the structure appear more beautiful and welcoming.

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