Cozy Minimalist Bathroom with Tiny Metal Japanese Soaking Tub

Cleaning the body is certainly the main purpose of bathing. However, modern people also consider the activity as a special time for relaxing and forgetting bustle for a while. When coming out of bathrooms, they hope to get clean body and positive mood. There are many ideas to bring spa atmosphere into a bathroom. One of them is by installing Japanese soaking tub. Japanese soaking tub takes inspiration from the soaking tubs used by Japanese people. The bathroom fixture is traditionally made of wood or steel. Modern Japanese soaking tub designs, however, are often made from acrylic and fiberglass. If you require bold Japanese atmosphere in your bathroom, installing a wooden soaking tub is the best choice. Rectangular and round are the most common shapes of the unit.This bathroom is very calming. A rectangular Japanese wooden soaking tub is installed in front of glass windows displaying beautiful Zen garden. The bathroom fixture accommodates hot water that will pamper the owner in optimum relaxation. Soaking there won’t only clean the body, but also restore physical and mental health. Enjoying the Zen garden with its lovely trees is great thing to do while soaking. In the second picture, you can see an example of round Japanese wooden soaking tub set in a traditional outdoor bathroom. A wooden bench nearby provides seat for the owner to relax for a while before and after soaking.It’s a modern ellipse Japanese soaking tub made of white acrylic. Although modern in design, but the bathroom fixture still represents the beauty and simplicity of traditional Japanese soaking tub. The white tub may be small, but it’s deep. Soaking there must be so enjoyable and comfortable. A stainless steel faucet completes the fixture.Meanwhile, a simple white chair stands beside the tub. Which Japanese soaking tub design do you love, the traditional or the modern one?