Lovely Creative Handwork with Amazing Detail


There are many items you can add as beautiful accessories and décor to your room. You can go for the lovely items you find on store, or you can get a special one that is made by hand. And today, we will take you the lovely creative handwork by Maddie Brindley. This beautiful piece is a handmade miniature tree house that will look really great to house your mice of small hamster. But, what make this item really special is the amazing and incredible small details.

Inspired by Ammixa xarrisa drawing of Crabapple Cottage in Spring Story, Maddie Brindley created this creative handwork design from scratch. It is definitely a hard work to do. But as seen on the final result, you can see that the hard work has been paid off. This miniature tree house is consisted of six levels with incredible and careful small details. Every room is decorated and designed carefully as if it is mimicking a real house.


As you can see, each room is also equipped with furniture that is specially designed in exact proportion as to resemble the real and common home interior. Maddie Brindley also paid great attention for every piece, so the miniature furniture may look like it is in real and actual size life.



For example, the tiny towel on the laundry room was made of old fabric Maddie Brindley had. You can also see the cozy and lovely living area with fireplace, which was made of wood scraps. Maddie Brindley also played with egg whisk and Fimo to create the tiny miniature furniture. Looking at the final look, you will feel wishing this creative handwork design idea can be made in real life. Thus, you can life in the same beautiful and cozy space as well.

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