Inspiring Shaker Cabinets Design Ideas

Shaker cabinets are so popular mainly due to the classic, simple look. Shaker style cabinets are incredibly versatile when it comes to design and maybe you have either rustic, traditional or modern kitchen. The simple clean lines are unobtrusive towards the eye but the shaker cabinets look elegant and sophisticated.


Shaker type of design originated back inside the 1770s given by a religious movement. The thought was to make simple and functional furniture with clean lines. Shaker kitchen cabinets were traditionally made of Cherry wood, but nowadays the options variety offers Oak, Pines, Maple, Birch, Reclaimed woods, etc. Shaker style cabinets are characterized with plainness and practicality and also have flat panel doors with rail frames. Shaker cabinets are focused mainly on functionality and with the minimalist look they blend in as perfectly in modern kitchens as in traditional designs.


Sometimes people refer to Shaker style meaning shaker cabinet doors and never such a lot the cabinets themselves. A basic Shaker style door is really a five-piece door having a flat panel. Perhaps one of the main primary attributes of Shaker cabinets is the durability as they‘re made of top quality natural wood. They‘re often left using the natural wood finish, or could be stained too as well as painted. White Shaker cabinets are extremely popular in contemporary kitchens as they simply provide an airy feeling. Combined with light granite countertops and modern stainless steel appliances the overall result‘s stunning. Contemporary kitchens designs feature rows of big drawers, which look great with shaker style cabinets.

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Shaker kitchen cabinets have proven to become a successful design as time passes. Nowadays we view a robust presence of those cabinets in minimalist, style rustic kitchen interiors focused on simplicity, functionality and quality. White is the most famous color for minimalist designs and sometimes Shaker style doors from the cabinets are utilized in such interiors for their straight lines and practical aesthetics. Modern cabinet hardware adds towards the simple perfection from the straight lines. It is usual that the cabinets don‘t have glass fronts, but in modern kitchens you‘ll see such variations. Shaker style kitchen islands are the ideal addition towards the cabinets and provides a consistent look from the kitchen.