How Lucky to Have a Bedroom and Living Room in One Space

Sometimes, you need private area to share your problems. Obvious, it is your bedroom. Generally, you ask your close friend to enter this area. Then, you talk more about what you feel. Even though, bed is not right furniture to do. You need addition spot with suite complement. Okay, insert living room in your bedroom. This good idea is not difficult to be personalized. Check out the design of bedroom and living room in one space, soon!

appealing bedroom and living room in the one room with plants indoor as well stairs indoor and wooden floor

Bright tranquil bedroom has minimalist living room. Modern curvy accent chairs give you relaxing position. Yeah, it helps you keep cozy to share with your friend. Those seats puts in front of the astonishing garden window. It closes to the stunning TV unit too. Certainly, your conversation will run perfect and find the solution. Small apartment applies masculine bedroom and living room in once space. This luxury dwell combines those layouts with home office and simple gym room.

awesome bedroom and living in one room with red pillow on green sofa also bamboo furniture plus green curtain

Glass TV armoire becomes the stylish room divider. It faces off the two tones sofa in black and white tones. By the way, those hues also blend for excellent queen bed. Living area and home office adds alluring framed painting. Meanwhile, that bedroom is plant. It just adds pampering white egg chair near the window. Lastly, it is creative bedroom and living room in one space. Nice white lounge puts under black loft bed.

Besides that, there is round trundle table underneath. This messy living are still adds lacquer wood stool and stripped area rug. At the ceiling, the designer adds beautiful pendant lamps. Indeed, it has three different lamps. Black loft bed gives dashing style. Even though, this furniture chooses simple bedding sets. Such as the second style, this room adds other functions. There are wall bike rack and mini open closet behind the bed. In addition, teenager boy until adult like this design. Please enjoy your unique living for share.

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