Glamour Residence for Glamour Lifestyle


Do you wish to really know what really defines a glamour residence? To begin with, it ought to be in large scale, which suggests to possess greater than 1 level with huge scale land. This example comes from two degree of wooden house, which mixes contemporary approach, modern look, also to its glamorous effect. Wooden deck is built next to white granite framed swimming pool. Furthermore, glass material is installed in massive amounts to ensure that it‘s greatly sparkling when all lights take presctiption through the night.

Opening to wooden deck is made out of sliding glass doors. It makes one to arrived at working room, or it could be said as study room, whoever uses it in the end. It‘s white theme, and that is painted in walls and ceiling, also white tiled floors. Black wooden desk is positioned, together with glass chairs. Unique picture is hung to wall during this glamor residence design using its impressive rustic frame made in brown wood.


Addititionally there is spot for you personally and also your friends to chit chat and share stories. Check out this open space of outdoor living area. Here, you are able to see light brown velvet sofa is designed, along side brown canes armchair and coffee table of brown color. On another side, canes couch is designed as sofa bed and is stuffed with white cushion. Caramel granite stone is chosen for flooring surface. The point here is canes window blind and tiny potted white flower placed in red vase.

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Let’s attend kitchen area, where It‘s set in glamorous white and ivory colors. White granite is placed on the ground, and combined with white dining set and white bar area. White bar stools will also be added. However, applying glamor residence design could be seen in bedroom albeit minimalist is likewise set. White mattress is paired with black bed couch with small headboard.