Eye-Catchy Home Interior Accent

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Eye-Catchy Home Interior Accent – In case you live inside a unique and exquisite residence—let’s say an old traditional home—it could be greater that you can add a brand new extension for additional living spaces. Instead of remodeling your recent one, which can cause the structure demolished, this method would preserve a win-win solution for you personally. Actually, you are able to bring different and contrasting style for the extension, for example this modern home and that is an extension for any beautiful Victorian house inside the De Beauvoir Conservation area of London.

Designed by Scott Architects, this modern home interior showcases the contrasting design style when compared with the most residence. On emphasize the modern design style, each room within this extension is designed with minimalist interior style. You may also begin to see the mixture of clean white surface with wooden accent—some the strategies area the white rooms with wooden furniture, the rests features the usage of wooden surface extensively with simple white accent. Surprisingly, you may also find the initial touch from the Victorian residence : the oak-covered walls and brick walls.

On emphasize the modernity, each room also equips the simple modern furniture. Look into this spacious dining room that showcases the simple wooden dining table with minimalist modern white chairs designed with thin wood legs. You may also begin to see the open kitchen space which employs the interesting design to the kitchen space. Surrounded using the abundance of wood surface, this cooking area definitely looks stylish yet cozy.

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Other way, you may also attend this airy white bathroom that features the simple white sink area contrasting the brick wall. You may also begin to see the modern home interior design for that space equips the simple, frameless wall mirror to stress the modernity also. Designed with the glass windows, you are able to feel how this white bathroom can look really airy. Throughout the day, you are able to see how bright this bathroom is. It definitely is a great idea for the small bathroom space too, won’t it?