Endearing Houses Demonstrating Modern Roof Designs

These days, roof designs promote various designs and styles that make our home looks unique. If you are interested in learning some modern roof designs, this post comes with a photo compilation that displays amazing houses with modern house designs. Have a look!Wonderful Modern Roof Designs with Naturally Views

Gorgeous Exterior House Design with Modern Roof Ideas and Captivating Modern Outdoor Swimming Pool

Captivating Modern House Design with Modern Roof Designs Ideas

The compilation starts with a photo about a modern wood cabin. This super small cabin has eccentric exterior outlook. The wood clad on the wall looks great with the square glass cabin windows. The cabin also demonstrates marvelous ceiling windows with glass material. The most hovering point of interest of this cool cabin is the modern roof design. This cabin features metal butterfly roof painted in contemporary chrome tone.

Attractive Inspiration Modern Roof Designs with Unusual Style

Unusual Modern Roof Designs with Minimalist Roof Style

Impressing Minimalist House IDeas with Modern Wooding Roof Designs

A private residence offers such elegant house architecture that you can see in the second photo. Thismodern house design comes with white metal structures and massive glass use for the windows and doors. This modern white house also exposes its interior with gleaming yellow lights. Modern roof design of this house is very captivating. You will see that the house uses metal shed roof painted in white. The shed roof enhances the uniqueness of this contemporary home style.

Wonderfull Modern Roof Designs with Natural Grass Roof House Ideas

Fabulous Modern Wooding Roof Designs

White Modern Clean Modern Roof Designs Ideas

This private resort serves another great architecture. This resort stretched wide in the middle of dense woods. The upper area is used for bedrooms and dining room. The lower area is completed with a really inviting swimming pool with white stone deck and recliner chairs. Let’s focus on the roofing of this resort. It uses modern hip roof with alluring brown exterior paint. Metal shingles are chosen to embellish this contemporary roof idea.

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Innovative Modern Roof Designs with Tiny Minimalist Exterior Home Design Ideas

In another photo, the modern house promotes a wide flat roof that is featured with rooftop garden. The garden is layered with artificial grasses and has plenty of greenery. This modern roof design idea makes use of the flat roof to make a tranquil spot.