Easy Steps to Build DIY Dollhouse


We adore a very good dollhouse in your family. When thrifting, if we come upon an old homemade dollhouse, I have a problem not giving it home. I adore all of the little handmade appointments and adore which has gone into building this type of wonderful toy. My husband, Johnny, and I made a decision we’d like to provide that same special gift to our little gal in 2012. It took a great deal of planning (and possibly even just a little fumbling ) , but I am so happy with finished result !

Easy Steps to Build DIY Dollhouse

Step 1

Start having a 4’x4′ sheet of 1 / 2 ” plywood. Measure to the middle and cut in two. You ought to now have two bits of wood that measure 2’x4′.

Step 2

Measure and cut perhaps one of the sheets right all the way down to 2’x2′. You now have the start of the back

Step 3-4

To locate the peak, measure to the middle of your 2’x2′ pieces and mark. Set your square at the middle point and mark your sheet at 40 degrees on each side.

Step 5-6

Cut your peak and sand your edges.

Step 7

To construct your box, take your other 2’x4′ sheet of plywood and cut into four 6 ” x24 ” strips. Cut two of these pieces right all the way down to 6 ” x13 1 / 8 ” .

Step 8

Screw your box together, using the short pieces (sides ) upon the insides from the longer pieces (top & bottom ) .

Step 9

Measure up coming from the bottom from the box to six 3 / 8 ” . Mark on front and back. This will certainly be where your shelf will sit. Repeat on another side.

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Step 10-11

Cut a further section of wood to six ” x23 ” and screw in where you only marked. You ought to now have your box using the shelf and also your back piece both finished

Step 12

To the roof, utilizing your last 2’x4′ section of wood, cut two 8 ” x24 ” wide strips. Mark each piece at 19 ” and tilt your saw at slightly below a 45 degree angle and cut to obtain the peaks to satisfy. Screw the peak pieces into the highest of the rear piece.

Step 13

Paint or stain both bits of the dollhouse. Once dry, screw the rear piece towards the box piece and decorate.