Dazzle Design with Traditional Exterior House Ideas for Your Tasteful

The beauty of traditional exterior could be seen using this Reserve at Plaza de Rio designed by Maracay Homes Design Studio. Having classic exterior design, this house interior Isn‘t design inside the classical style. The home interior is in contemporary design. The living room is furnished with modern sofa in dark grey color. The light grey and white are applied like the interior color theme. Light grey flooring suits well using this interior color. Wooden rectangular desk in simple design looks practical in front of the modern sofa. traditional exterior design

Captivating Mountain Traditional Exterior House with Large Front Yard for Living Room

The standard exterior design during this house looks glowing through the night. The exterior lightings are perfectly arranged to emerge the beauty from the natural items requested the home exterior. Natural stone is applied like the exterior wall inside the entry way. The paving exterior flooring strengthens the earth color of the home exterior. The green plants grow in the bottom flooring from the outer section of this home. This could be perfect traditional type of home exterior. Traditional exterior style

Traditional design is likewise applied inside the swimming pool area. Stone tile flooring looks great during this minimalist pool area. Modern benches and chairs are placed inside the corner of the swimming pool area. Different compared to the exterior, the kitchen interior is designed inside the classy way. Modern kitchen furniture is applied during this kitchen design. Bright color helps make the kitchen looks spacious and clean. Large glass windows with long curtain attached with it adds the modern design from the contemporary kitchen.

The significant space is so stylish with white classy chair and also a set of two green ottomans. The modern working table in glass surface makes this working corner looks sleek and clean. Traditional exterior style Shouldn‘t merely be combined with traditional interior, because the modern interior could be the ideal combination and reference for a standard home.

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