Creative Tree House Design

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Creative Tree House Design 25 Creative Tree House Plans around the world

Now a forest is really a rare site since human want to expand the living area without thinking the bad effects for environmental surroundings. Lots of people that care in regards to the forest express their feeling by performing lots of thing for example protest, having conversation with the govt, etc. However it didn’t work. Joel Allen, a former IT, is trying to carry out his protest by built a tree house.

Allen built his small tree house inside the Crown Lands in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. This land is in danger now so Allen is trying to save lots of it by built the egg-shaped house. This house is built from 100% woods and it‘s attached within the big trees in which crown land. He uses light wood color and added small windows upon the side of house and also the top from the house. There‘s a circle-wood path in front from the house that could lead one to the house.

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