Before and After Remodeled Small Bathrooms: Smart Elimination of Unnecessary Details

Remodeling room doesn’t always mean bringing new items there. Sometimes you need to remove the existing items to make a room more beautiful and comfortable. Similar approach is applied in remodeling process of the displayed small bathrooms. The final result is very impressive as you can see from the following images. gorgeous remodeling small bathroom with granite countertop vanity sink plus wall lamp beside mirror and rocking stone floor

The lower half of this narrow bathroom’s walls previously features small white square tiles. Meanwhile, the window was treated with white blinds and colorful floral valance. There’s also a framed picture hanging on wall. All the unnecessary details now have been eliminated to make the bathroom feel more spacious. Nice neutral color applies on the walls, evoking modern look. Meanwhile, the white bathroom vanity is replaced with the new one featuring stainless steel faucet.

elegance remodeling small bathroom with double glass door shower also bathtub beside glass window
Remodeling process undertaken in this bathroom doesn’t change the main style at all. You can still feel lovely traditional style there. However, the owner has removed the striped shower curtain, wall-mount candle holders, patterned rug and other intricate components. A mesmerizing white curtain replaces the striped one. The wall where candle holders previously hung now accommodates a white cabinet that can organize small items. Neutral paint color also becomes the main choice for adorning the walls. The end result is a beautiful traditional-style bathroom beautiful with contemporary nuance.

The next bathroom embraces reduction as well as addition. It’s a small white bathroom considered too simple in terms of decor. For avoiding dull or monotonous appearance, the owner had replaced the white shower curtain with the striped one presenting white and cream colors. He also hung a unique framed picture on wall behind the white flush. A white storage unit set under the window, however, has been removed to open up the space. If you have to remodel a small bathroom, try to observe first whether the space require addition or reduction.

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